JuMin Chein

JuMin Chein

My name is Ju-Min Chien. I currently live in Alpharetta with my family and 2 animal children. I am from Taiwan and began practicing yoga in 1998 when modern and westernized yoga had yet to truly permeate the yoga culture on the island. My first teachers were teaching traditional style asanas infused with Chinese medical thought and theory. Realizing that yoga created a rhythm and “breathing” that permeated my life, I began training to teach after four years of practice. After several years of training in Taiwan and India, I began to teach and have continued training and teaching for fifteen years and have thus accumulated over 14,500 hours of teaching experience. My most prominent certifications include both 200-hour ERYT  and 500-hour RYT Yoga Alliance certificates. I also hold certifications in Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider and Trainer (RYTS). 

My teaching emphasizes unification of mind and body, and strives to inspire the student’s hearts. The fluidity of my classes allows students to move into deep breathing, thereby continuously circulating energy.

I focus on Iyengar yoga’s body alignment, dynamic flow, injury prevention and yoga with scoliosis. My depth of knowledge comes from cues and gentle and frequent adjustments to support each student’s body awareness and mindfulness.

In addition to teaching yoga, I have taught Mandarin Chinese at the elementary school level since my arrival in the US ten years ago. I enjoy working with children and have begun to find that teaching in these two diverse fields helps improve my understanding of the human being in a unique and profound way.

I’m excited to teach at Jones Creek Yoga and look forward to using my knowledge based experience to share with my students. I also feel honored for the opportunity to be part of an environment at JCY that will allow me to offer our members another way for them to live a more healthy and physically fit life.